Invitation to View Spencers Gardens

Wed 12 Sep,2007

Late summer garden visit and lunch

Enjoy Spencers' garden ablaze with late summer reds, oranges and deep pinks. The zinnias and dahlias are at their peak, the standard icebergs perform their Indian summer encore and the ornamental grasses speak of 'mellow fruitfulness.k

Down in the woodland garden the colours are on the turn, with berries and nuts in profusion and exotic fungii sprouting.

The appetite thus whetted a delicious two course lunch awaits you back at the house. 



£18 including lunch. From 11:30 am to 3:00 pm.



Limited to 50 people.



Book online at

or call the Mercury Theatre in Colchester on 01206-573-948.


Invitation to View Spencers Gardens

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