"For the first time in its history... the house is now regularly open to the public. Countless visitors from all parts of the world have thus been able to share in the… architectural and artistic riches; many more will do so in the future."

Joseph Friedman, 2011
21st Century

21st century

Two decades have passed since Spencer House was restored to its original splendour, taking this exquisite palace from its role in the 18th century, as a private town house for the Spencers and their guests, through to the 21st century with the House open regularly to the public as well as for many different events.

In the 21st century, Spencer House continues to host important social, political and cultural events just as it did originally.

These events and public tours take place within the magnificent backdrop of the State Rooms, furnished with a highly important collection of art to which new loans and acquisitions are added, as the art collection grows and changes.

The House has evolved and adapted, so that once again, Spencer House is at the very heart of life in thriving and dynamic 21st century London, an architectural treasure with a viable role in the modern metropolis.

Past, present and future exist simultaneously within the portals of Spencer House.

Across the span of the centuries, the House has played a major role in this leading European city.